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Run, Run Run!

Run, Run Run! Responsibility chases and society beckons. Bullies are following and pressure threatens. Are you running from or running to? Are you running a race or just passing through? Is your heart beating fast or your feet pounding stone? Will you ever be through to find your way home? Run Run, Run! Time never […]

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Bigotry is Ugly

Bigotry From A Christians Point Of View

I’m not sure I understand bigotry as some describe it. It seems that those of us who believe in a standard taught by God’s Word are being portrayed by those with no standard, except their own perceptions, as bigots or as judgmental. We have been called such, not because we are, but because we believe […]

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Walking the Tightrope

Walking the tightrope!

Whose side are you on? Recently I’ve had the opportunity to be the soundboard for two parties on both sides of a disagreement in perception and direction. Becoming the peacemaker requires both tact and wisdom. Thankfully it wasn’t a political altercation. Actually, it wasn’t an altercation at all, but a difference of opinion brought on […]

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