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Breaking Free

There are many people who have chosen to give in to hopelessness and victim hood, believing they are powerless over circumstances, becoming a victim to whatever life throws at them. Knowing the power of “letting go” of past traumas, conflicts, and loss and seeking the power of God on our behalf brings tremendous change and […]

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What’s Growing Underground?

I remember gardening with my grandmother on rocky Missouri soil. My job was to pick up the rocks and throw them over the fence. Each year, more of them would surface. When the garden was plowed, hoed, and prepared, more Missouri rocks would appear. I knew they didn’t grow from weeds or seeds, but it […]

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Dream of Life

Once upon a time, I walked into the store of life and looked at the menu. I was in a hurry to choose the best life I could and get out of there, so I asked for the easy to fix menu. The menu included a short stack of bills, a bring home the bacon […]

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Fumbled, Foiled, or Fused

I’m not a football fan, but my husband is. He watches it periodically, so therefore I am exposed to some of the terms used by the announcers. One of the words often used is “fumbled.” Evidently if the ball is not caught or dropped after it is caught, it is fumbled. I like the word. […]

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Lost and Found

Regaining What Was Lost

Ever wanted to go back to the innocence of days gone by, times when family values were the standard and everyone knew what a traditional family looked like, when people came out on their porches in the evening and neighbors came over for a visit, drank homemade lemonade and talked of friends and family. Returning […]

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