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How old are you?

How Old Are You?

Getting older isn’t for novices. I guess that’s why God didn’t allow it when we were younger. The burden of getting older has to be carried by those who are…getting older. The beauty of youth doesn’t stay; it only visits. But tell a young person that and they scarcely believe it. They walk away with […]

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Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

Suddenly life can take a major turn! As an Intercessor, I often had an appointment with the Lord. It was not because I was so holy. It was out of desperation to see my life change. Prayer had been and still is my lifeline, my sustenance, my daily bread.  The Lord taught me an important […]

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Stop and Rest

Rest Child

Rest child. I’ll do the work. There is no need for you to run here and run there, to be everywhere. Only go where I send you and do what I do. You have tried to do it all and have become tired. Do not resist the sabbath rest I have for you. You will […]

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The Invitation

It was a warm day and the sunshine was beckoning me to leave my work behind and step into its brilliant rays.  The light seemed to strike my porch as an invitation to sit in my porch swing and leave my worries behind. I took it seriously and responded immediately.  With each creak of the […]

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Purity of Heart

Words convey ideas. Words generate pictures. Words allow for communication between us and the rest of the world. Volumes of books are filled with words that were meant to teach, inform, and/or potentially influence others. We use words loosely, but words can affect others profusely. Words can harm; words can heal. Words can tear down; […]

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Spring Is Coming

Spring is Coming

Did you know that it’s only a few weeks until spring? I know we could still have some bad weather, but I have to look beyond that to plowed fields, buttercups, green leaves, and warm sunshine. You can count on spring. It arrives every year having rested its laurels in the ground for a season […]

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Have it your way

Have it Your Way?

It’s not easy to work with some people. Have you ever encountered a person who had to have it their way? It’s their way or the highway. I’ve often wondered how they get that way. Sometimes I think its pride. It could possibly be fear with a bit of control thrown in.  It could be […]

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The Synergy of Kingdom Pioneers Conference – Click the Correct Registration Button Below

April 28-29, 2017 Dutch Sheets – Regina Shank – Ben Robbins Registration $20.00 for Friday and Saturday Groups of 20 or more $10.00 each Saturday 7:00 p.m. Awakening Rally Free >>> Register Now! <<<>>> Groups of 10 or more Register Here! <<<>>> Church Groups Register Here! <<< MPGM Conference Endorsed and promoted by Carthage Christian Ministerial […]

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